Kraton Pro-Line Trencher Xs ate my motor for dinner

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Could be a coincidence, but after swapping my stock wheels with Pro-Line Trencher Xs my motor went up in smoke. Read some reviews from Traxxas Revo owners having problems with diffs giving up using heavier wheels, but trusted my dear Kraton motor not go give in. Anyone had similar experiences? At first, got several cut-offs in jump-transitions before the motor started spilling melted guts. Kind of cool, but expensive :)
i ran trencher x with stock motor and mm2 esc had no problems but always in the snow and winter time.
i also was using i think the stock pinion gear that came with the truck.
I have a granite but i noticed a difference in heat a little bit, however i only use my trenchers for the dirt track, and the only times heat was in question was one of the handfull of times i ran the trenchers on street. I use worn stock tires for the road primarly. The tranchers do cause a little bit more resistance=heat but not much. Kinda depends on what your driving on.
I kinda thought if i had a large backyard i would put larger tires on with some adapters while keeping weight down and maybe gear down 1 tooth.
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