Proline 2.8 badlands

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These are some crazy good tires, I put 2 on my brushed 550 12t vorteks. Well it has crazy traction. I am going to be getting 2 more for the front.

Pic of stock vs badlands.

2015-07-15 20.08.45.jpg
They look great!

Be careful with temps though... The larger, and likely heavier, tires will put a greater strain on the motor, transmission and electronics. The 2.8 badlands are 4.95" in diameter. The stock dBoots Dirtrunners are 4.05" in diameter. That's an ~20% increase in size. Width also increased a little from 2.0 to 2.1". I can't find weight specs, but I would guess they are also measurably heavier.

Let us know how they work and how your temps compare after a few runs.
It is running a little hotter I am thinking of trying different gearing in it but boy does it rip. I just ordered a set for the front. It does need a heat sink for the motor and I am going to put on on the esc too. Hopefully I will have the front tires Saturday!
I will say that I have put a 10t on and well til the 2s died heat issue gone. Put in my nimh battery hotter than the esc or motor.

And still fast wheels off the grass and really happy with performance.
I will say that I switched out a 18t for a 10t
Now this thing is looking good!
Although I am going to have to soften up the suspension. (I put 60w) when running stock tires.

Yes it does, half the time the front tires are just floating across the top of the grass.
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