Proline Flo-Tek body: will it fit the Fury?

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It should fit, I fixed a fury for a friend and the wheelbase seemed close to or the same as my slash 4x4. Read the body dimensions and compare them to your trucks length,width, and wheelbase.
Here is a pic of a ProLine FlowTek body (my son's for his Losi Ten SCTE). It fits just fine on my BLS loaner.


IMHO the ProLine Toyota Tundra FlowTek works better as does the FlowTek EVO SC body.
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IMHO the ProLine Toyota Tundra FlowTek works better as does the FlowTek EVO SC body.

Thanks for the picture!
I understand that the wheelbase is 10mm shorter (320mm) than that of the Fury (330mm).
But hard to tell from your picture.

The Toyota Tundra (I rather go for the F-150 Raptor, but that is personal) has a wheelbase of 330mm, so it should fit.
However I am racing the Fury, so I want to get rid of the parachuting.

Can you be more specific why the Tundra body works better than the FlowTek body?
Well they're all FlowTeks right? ;) The Tundra has much sleeker lines, better venting (IMHO) and the body posts are positioned a bit better for the Fury. I have a thread posted here where I show the Tundra being setup with an AMR wrap so you can see what it looks like on the Fury chassis too. :D
Thanks @Skaxis for your clear explanation!

I mistaken the Tundra for the true scale Pro-line body they offer now.
Indeed there is also a Tundra Flow-Tek body.
I am a big Raptor fan, so that would be my first choice. Do the Flo-Tek bodies differ so much from each other?

I missed your post unfortunately:


I enjoyed reading it, a bad miss from my side. A ton of info for me.
Very cool wrapping, and what a nice body!
There are a number of minute but significant differences between the various FlowTek bodies. Most notably the venting holes, the ridges on the bodies, the way the "bed" of the truck is designed and the wheel arches. For example, the Tundra has a very low roofline and the Evo has a perfectly smooth bed. For racing I think the Evo is the best design with the Tundra second. When all the venting holes are opened up on the Evo that thing is so planted and jumps so well it's almost buggy-like, almost. ;)

You know... My son's previous racer body is an EVO SC. I'll drop it onto the Fury chassis tonight and post a pic of it. If you're looking to race, that's the body to use IMHO.
Now I know those bodies will fit, thanks @Skaxis !

Now decide which one to go got me doubting with that Tundra body ;)
The EVO SC is also an option...

I have to admit that I like the real scale Tundra for sure.
Although we have no parking space here for those US trucks, you see a few of them driving around.
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