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Ok so i spun out hex on wheel hub and wheel "got aluminum wheel hub on way" but what I'm thinking that i might use a two part apoxy to glue one of the plastic hex in the wheel as a spare in a pinch. Is this good idea or is b there something stronger i could glue it with?
I am not sure if I would do that..."Glueing" something together always makes them "thicker"...And In this case, I think, you don't want that...:rolleyes:
On the other hand, if I would glue it together...I would most likely use epoxy...:)
Or something we call "keertak" (couldn't find an English word for it)...But it is a type of glue which kind of "solders" plastics and similar stuff together...Highly chemical poop...Not to be used in small confined places (oooh, pretty colors all around me o_O)...

Anyway, just my two cents on the subject of glueing things together...And if somebody got an English word for it...Please tell...

Update: No it isn't two components glue...

aka Aflan
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The thing is when you glue in a plastic hex inside the wheel, still the metal pin driving the hex is the strongest point. It will shred the internals of the hex eventually.

I even have seen Louise rims where the wheel spokes just ripped of by the sheer force of brushless 4-pole power!

So, yes you could to be able to still use the wheel. But it is a hassle to get the pin right each time.
What I did (been there as well) is move this wheel to the front, where it is no issue.
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