Prophet sport duo non-responsive...

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Looks like my Prophet Sport Duo died today... Was charging 2x2s at 5.5 amps. Came back to check on it and the charger is dead. No error codes, no lights on the front of the charger. Only light is the pilot light in the on/off switch...

Anyone have any tips? Should I open the case? is there any fuses or breakers inside?

Oh well, if it is really dead - I have been wanting a UP120AC, I guess I have an excuse to buy it now!

Or maybe that 2 channel, 300w 20a Reaktor... Humm... Choices... LOL
I popped up the case to see in there was anything obviously burned, or maybe a fuse I could change. Nothing obvious. It has a slight 'hot electronics' smell, but not really a carbon'ed smell.

I plan on calling Horizon.

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