Kraton Punch control

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I asked this in another thread I opened under a diff question. Anyways, can I get my Kraton to wheelie more by raising the punch control ? I'd rather not start changing my center diff oil right away on my brand new truck if it isn't 100% necessary. Thanks
The reason it won't wheelie easily is all the diffs slip so badly with the thin oil that comes in them.So when you give it power the front gets light and all the power goes to the front tires as which ever wheels get the least traction gets the power.With thicker center diff oil more power stays in the rear and less waste to the front.The punch setting makes the power come on quicker at hgher settings.
Well I did reset the punch to #8 and it does now wheelie pretty well. I'll look into changing the center diff oil at a later time. Anyone have a video of that process ? Thanks
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