Questions regarding max5 800kv combo

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Not going to make this thread more than just a quick question with hopefully some answers.
I picked up my first 5th scale rig recently.
I opted for a 30 Degree North rig which from my understanding is a Losi 5ive T clone.

I plan to fit it with a max 5 800kv combo from Hobbywing but need to know the can size before ordering the motor mount setup. Vitavon has a nice looking setup that says it's for 70mm. I messaged Vitavon asking is it up to 70mm or just for a 70mm motor. The reply was it's for a 70mm motor but they have a kit to allow for a 56mm to fit.
Does anyone have that specific motor and can tell me what size diameter it is?

Maybe I missed it but what's the HW 800kv going in?
I have this amazon mount and it works ok for now. Its in a limitless so I don't
no if you could use it. I drilled some holes to make it work.
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