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Arrma RC's
I've been putting hot glue on these ball joint caps to stop them from getting loose.

No thanks... I have a hard enough time keeping the thread nice on that part. Hot glue doesn't cheese up the threads. When you want to remove the part... you just scrape off the glue and it's like nothing ever happened.
I do crazy glue turnbuckles on my Slash once I have them all set. I'll take them apart and crazy glue them back in and let the glue build up in front of the plastic eyelet. It does stop them from pushing in on the threads. I use the slow rubberized crazy glue.
Good idea, I was adjusting the camber and toe on my Nero because the settings out of the box were just plain off and wandered if I should have used lock tite, after a few runs I had to readjust the pillow ball caps. I like this and will give it a try.
I took it one step more....If you are careful, you can cover the hole for the hex wrench also with the hot glue. It keeps a little more sand and fine dirt from entering. When you are ready to do work in that area...just pick it right off with a pick or something.
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