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hello everyone, I have a few arrmas and am looking forward to next year's race season. I want to run my typhoon and a sct. I was looking at the Senton anyone run tissue truck on 2s? how competitive is it with the losi and slash sct? I'm trying to decide if I should get a roller or rtr.
just run it and have fun..i am not a racer...but those who claim to be on the reviews all seem to give both vehicles good comments...I do have a racerbuddy..he's big into it...switches vehicles every season it seems...always says it's all about tuning...tuning everything...always and lots of hrs..and he gets all those race only expensive vehicles and still has to spend hrs tweaking and changing....

just go for it dude...and kick ass with something different...
I used to race. It seems like it's more about who has the biggest wallet than who has the best hands on the control. I was low budget so keeping up with the hardcore guys with motors, batteries and the flavor of the week tire combos was way too much for me. Not too mention the cost of repair parts every week. Not to discourage you but it can kind of bum you out when you're a basher who shows up to race. Don't spend any more money than you absolutely have to until you're sure you like it and you have a good group to race with. Buy a rig that will be good to bash with if the racing thing doesn't work out or just show up with what you already have and run the open class to get your feet wet.
I think as long as it meets scale requirement. ..wheel base etc..cell class...should be fine...not sure about motor size...but my racing days are in the 80s ...and these motors are nuts ...

maybe they would put you in a modified class...just don't know if the motor in the senton bumps it up a class...

just go to the races and find out...and win...
Is there a class where the Senton fits in?

Basically it is a 1/10 scale 4wd SCT on steroids!!!

It all depends on your local track, and who is running the event. For USA events, ROAR rules, you would need to swap in a proper SCT 2s motor and battery, and be good to go. My local track, and local racing league allows 2s-4s power in SCT's so I could just drop it on the track and run. (If I had one).

I would pull off the internal roll cage first, though.
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