Radiolink rc4gs throttle/brake issues

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Hi guys,
Recently changed some things on my rig, and I'm having some weird stuff happen.

Running 4s v2.5 with spektrum 150 esc and belted katar T tires from a talion with a 15t pinion.

I just put in the center diff module and took the chance to also change the brake and punch settings up on the esc (with the remote off). Now there is no delay between brake and reverse. As soon as the motor stops it immediately kicks in reverse without me moving the trigger again. Also, it feels like my overall power is only about 60%. No settings on the remote seem to make a difference unless there's something I don't know about. I did do a factory reset on the remote with no change.

Also, some of the settings only have "on" or "INH" options (though the manual suggests "off" should be there). Idk what INH means...

Any thoughts?
Finally had a minute to mess around with it again, and I got it figured out. Apparently I did a full factory reset on the ESC and forgot that it was originally from a 6s fireteam, so the motor reverted to spinning the wrong direction for my 4s chassis. The real magic was that I also managed to recalibrate the remote before running so that it was still moving forward when I pulled the trigger (otherwise it would've been obvious what happened).