Radiolink RC6GS vs dx5c

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Dump the DX5c. Been there. I have both. Still use the DX5c, but it's my beater radio for some of my rigs. Crawlers in the mud etc. Only because I have like 5 expensive Spektrum Rx's invested already. The RC6GS is hands down the better radio. Rx's cheaper also.
DX5C does fit some people better ergomically nicer. For me the RC6GS is the better radio. Better Frame rate. Feels more connected to me. I also have a NB4 Noble. The best. Just not for speedrunning range. Radiolink beats out the NB4 and DX5C for the range alone, hands down. RC6 comes with (2) Rx's in the box still, I believe. Mine did.
I have a RC6GS V2, and I agree totally with SrC. The range of the RC6GS alone makes it the better radio for bashing, and the cost of additional R6FG receivers ($16.95) for the RC6GS is less than a third of the cost of a Spektrum SR315 receivers ($54.99). Even the upgraded R7FG dual antenna receivers are only $21.99 or less. My RC6GS V2 came with two R7FG receivers.

I currently run six vehicles with my RC6GS V2, and it can work with up to ten vehicles. The new RC6GS V3 can work with up to twenty vehicles.
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Are both antennas needed on the r7fg? And if so, which antenna goes through the tube? Thanks Mike
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