Radiolink RC8X

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What did you discharge them down to? 3.7V, 3.6, 3.5V? This is ~ 77% ) which would be expected ~ 3.7V roughly 80% of the usable charge.

Just curious. Will probably check mine as well.
Good question! Went down all the way to 3.0V.
@Mike-h yes correct. In fact jkflow mentioned it, you probably want to stay close at around 3.7V per cell.

3.0V is the lowest I would go only when testing for full capacity. For science!

PS. Wouldn’t ever do this on my SMC packs 😊.
Getting similar results on my lipo.
Discharged to 3.5V (~0.6A load), recovered to 3.6V (this is at best 20% of rated capacity) and by all means anything below 3.5V is not usable.
Boring math:
20% of 2800mAh = 560mAh i.e. I should be able to refill 2240mAh. I got 1940mAh.
So basically it's a ~2500mAh pack. That is outside the industry standard of 5% error on marking.

Volt vs capacity

What's there to think about? You either think you have an issue or not, that is not magically going to change.
File a claim and see how they respond. Just give them a specific symptom and not some facebook bs i.e. long winded stories.

"Loosing signal at x range" (or whatever your symptom is) and let them respond.

Beyond me how anyone would try a speed run without checking the basics, like range, but that is another story.
Facebook complaints are not always the most trustworthy. I haven't been in the hobby as long as most of you, but in almost 4 short years I've seen all kinds of complaints about every brand associated with this hobby. And for every legitimate complaint there are two "I need to blame something other than myself'", four "I f@!*#ed up but can't afford another" complaints followed by 16 "CS didn't see it my way" reviews. Not singling anyone out, hell my own WTF Happened? post shows me wanting to blame HW's Max6 failsafe. Guilty as charged! But instead of initiating a public relations war against HW, that same post showed user error in startup procedures and a gross misunderstanding of power requirements and drain. And I came away from that experience smarter, or as the crawler old timers say, "seasoned".
The posts shared here, I don't know if they are legitimate or not. But they seemed to be singling blame on one component when others could be causing the issues. The first two could have been a servo shitting the bed. But reading the thread, its apparent some of the commenters feel helping RL understand what happened is a waste of time and RL should just blindly accept they suck and should make good on buddy's RC. Can even possibly be the same issue as the third example. Are they 100% certain the range extenders they installed are not to blame or they made a mistake installing them? Just experience speaking as my issue did sound like a failed failsafe yet I did turn car on before transmitter and 5 fans and enough leds for a Christmas tree didn't help. Even the latency test video seems a bit sketchy to me because there is a factor that could be contributing. I know that he has steering return speed slowed down and know that my rc8x isn't that slow to respond. Yet he turns the wheel slowly, tire turns slowly, he let's go, tire pauses and slowly returns. With both steering and return at 100%, my ds3235(tt02), promodler(scx10.iii) savvox monster(tf2), Yipin(sentless), 9imods(outcast and kraton) all snap back fast on return when I just just let go of the wheel. 6 different servos all on the same rc8x transmitter. I'm not disputing RL's latency issue, I know it's there. But also know it isnt as bad as shown in that video.
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A fix for the small batt box that worked for my flysky is using quiksteel or the similar to make the batterybox larger, and then flattening the bottom edges. if you can handle somewhat bad looks, this is fine. but it can be painted to look good. you can also set this up to hold your preferred batt perfectly.
3.5 under load is optinmal but usually err on siode of caution and stop earlier.
Note that the drop off between 3.5 to 3.2 can be measured on seconds, probably less than 10s under full load.

Radiolink/Range extender - people simply don't understand all implications. Having an overpowered signal near a receiver can also cause all kinds of issues, compare it to over-driving a speaker causing distortions in the output BUT I HAVE a super-duper amplifier, therefore the company sucks.
Personally i see about 10 potential problems but would have to be on site to eliminate, at the end, I would know if it's the Radio or something else. It could be a bad batch of Radios but that seems unlikely to myself. Amplifiers might work better with other brands for completely different reasons.