Raider mega brushless upgrade gearing

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I'm upgrading my little raider mega into a brushless powered raider. I'm going to be using a 4370 kv 9 turn motor.
I believe the stock mega raider comes with a 22t pinion and 81 spur. Anyone have any suggestions for gearing? I know I will have to go down. I was thinking a 15t pinion. What are your thoughts?
They recommend a 25T pinion with the BLS system and in the BLX a 17T or 19T pinion but 0.8M and change to a 54 spur 0.8M
Right now I am running a 16/87 ratio so I think I am probably under geared. I am mostly running it on a run down dirt track lately with more corners than straights so I don't notice it too much. I may put a higher tooth pinion on it because this motor is probably more comparable to the bls than the blx.
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