Raider Pinion Gear - 6900kv Brushless

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I initially posted this in the raider forum, but it's probably more at home here. The stock motor in my son's raider went out after only a few hours of bashing. Rather than wait for the replacement my brother-in-law bought him a castle 6900kv brushless system for Christmas. We have it all together and it really flies. The question is regarding the pinion gear. We have the stock 22T pinion in it, with the 87t spur. The booklet that came with the motor says to use a 12t pinion at the highest. I ran that through a speed calculator and it shows it would actually be slower than stock (26mph) . Is such a drastic decrease warranted? The motor doesn't seem to get anywhere near as hot as the stock brushed one did. Temp gun is on the way. Also, does it have to be an Arrma pinion gear? Does it just have to be 48p?.

Any help/advice is appreciated.

Thanks for that, very informative. I can see why most folks use lower turn motors in off road, more torque. Luckily the raider is light, at least it's still fun to drive for him. Hopefully he doesn't drive it straight into a tree or something!
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