Raider Raider shocks

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Has anyone found a replacement for the Arrma raider shocks
I also am having Raider shock failures. The tops come off. 6 Failures on an flat oval track in less than 3 hours run time.
Basically, the Raider BLS shocks are junk.
Arrma support keeps telling me that only a very few people are having a problem. The solution they suggested is to glue the tops on the shocks!!
I'm reading this after doing some repairs on my sink supply lines today.
I too have a Raider who pops a cap once in a while.
I'm wondering if some Teflon tape on the threads would help keep them tighter.

Just throwing it out there as my DIY and RC worlds collide. Lol
I put the stock shocks off my scx10 on my raider. changed shock oil and so far so good

How are the STRC shock bodies and caps working for you? Are the shocks a lot smoother? Any leaks?

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There was some small leakage when I first assmble and tested but that was from possible overfill. I just gave it a test drive got 2 feet air several and landing on pavement and so far no shock leakage or any problems. They are running very smooth and easy, keeping their pressure.

How are the STRC shock bodies and caps working for you? Are the shocks a lot smoother? Any leaks?

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They are still working great after a few days of significant bashing. Although I am betting that the front tower brace is helping the durability of the whole support system, including shock caps to body's. I have to say I am impressed. No leaking at all since the installation. I'll let you know what the fluid looks like I'm a few weeks when I service them.
I know im a little late, but I still run my Raider and wanted to share this here for anyone doing the same.
I run Kraton 4s FRONT shocks on the REAR of my Raider and they fit just barely, but they feel very nice and they are very stiff with stock Oil (which I like) In the front I run the shocks from an Absima Asb1bl (a chinese bangood special) part number is this AB-1230124 I run these with very stiff Oil and streched springs. Overall my Raider is very stiff which I like, I also don't have issues with the caps popping of or anything breaking. If you can get a hold of these shocks (not very hard in germany) I highly recommend them.
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