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Anybody know of any upgraded bell crank or servo mount for the Raider? My steering is all new from the steering blocks all the way in, including new metal tie rods, and there is more play than I would like. Whole rack moves 1/4 -3/8" before servo starts turning when moved by hand. Am I being too picky or should I continue my search to tighten it up?
I am having the same issue. I went with a wider tire on the front and it helped a lot with steering alignment. I don't have to be constantly adjusting the steering trim as I'm driving anymore. There are a lot of places in the steering system that are allowing movement. Overtime it seems to get worse. I have just ordered some aluminum STRC racing front steering blocks that I hope will help keep everything tighter and stronger.

I also ordered some new bearings because the ones I am using seem very wiggly. These ones I ordered will keep debris and moisture out of the bearing.

I am thinking of upgrading the turnbuckles next to metal. The composite ones are allowing touch play I believe. Hope this helps @Rdub!

Also I have this tactic metal gear servo that has double the torque as the ADS-5. This is helping with steering as well. I contact hobbico because my stock servo got stripped and they sent me this one as a replacement.

Thanks for the reply. I've already done a few of the STRC upgrades, along with those tie rods (check out my build thread) I'm sure a metal geared servo would be a little tighter, but I think the play is in the bellcrank as well as the "not so sturdy" mount.
Those STRC are a little pricey but with the Tower codes and coupons, it's a little easier to justify the purchase ;)

The problem is that the pins for the Steering bell crank rotate with the bell crank when you turn, and those pins tear up the plastic mounts that hold them in place. My solution was to modify a STRC Steering bell crank for the AE SC10. The hard part was making the new pins that hold the bell crank in place, I should have used good quality aluminum pins instead of hardened steel pins. Here is a link to my mod.
Those are some fancy steering parts boys! I definitely need something like this. you will need an upgraded servo for this. Good post.
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