Raider Raider stops for no reason???


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New problem manifested yesterday.
Buggy just stopped in the middle of a run.
Still had battery power in both car and remote.
ESC showed light indicator when I gave throttle but no signal to motor.
I can't find any broken wires but I did notice that if I separated the POS and NEG to the motor it would run.
Is it possible that the factory rubber insulation is not thick enough???
Anyone else experience something like this???
...if you have an shortcut I normally expect that you will get an overload warning from the ESC.
I think that you have an loose / bad connection of the plugs between ESC and motor.
Just give a bit throttle and wiggle the separated cables. Maybe you can find out the problem of that way.
I had it also sometimes with bad soldered plugs or broken cables..
You can also try to push a small peace of plastic between the cables near the ESC to confirm you´re thesis.

Figured out it was the negative terminal on the motor. Hobby shop did a small repair for me. Went home and had the same issue immediately!!!

Called Arrma................ new motor on the way
Should be here in a week or so.
Or put out the brushed jam and give him a brushless combo! ;)
To see the difference between them is amazing! :)
Or put out the brushed jam and give him a brushless combo! ;)
To see the difference between them is amazing! :)
I think I''m just going to wait for the next RC...... I'll keep fixing and minor mods until the warranty is over..... best bang for my buck
Yapp,sure. I also had wait till the end of warranty before I changed motor and ESC.
The first was an Tamiya TT-01 with an carson dragster system. The difference was huge!
Later on I changed the most RC-Cars to brushless and also to Lipo or FePo4.
Except my small D-Nano and a small carbon floor racer in 1:24, i guess it is an x-ray.
In the past I often had buy used parts in E-Bay and also local. That was giving me to upgrade on low price.
A lot of people buy wrong parts for their equipment and often if fits to mine projects! ;)

But you are also right, it ever better to have two ore more rc´s! :)