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My son came in tonight and complained that the car just stopped. The steering works but not the rear wheels. The batteries were changed and no improvement. I took the car apart to inspect the connection wires and I see no obvious failure. For those with more experience, can you help me troubleshoot the issue. I'm curious if we have a burnout situation with the motor, etc. Thanks in advance.
A quick way to eliminate/prove a problem with the motor,is to place the chassis on a brick or similar object,so that the wheels are off the ground. Next,disconnect the two motor wires and touch them to the power leads from the battery. If the wheels spin up,then the motor is still ok and the problem lays with the ESC.(Just make sure,that when you touch the leads to the motor,that your hands are not touching a tyre).
nope, no life at all. it looks as if the motor is done. thanks
nope, no life at all. it looks as if the motor is done. thanks
Those original 15T brushed Arrma motors are notorious for frying quickly.
When mine died on 2nd or 3rd run, I replaced it with a Traxxas 12T brushed motor which delivered a lot more punch.
The 12T fit without any modification; plug in, reset gear mesh and roll.
12T motors are faster than 15Ts.
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