Raider Raider with short course wheels/tires.

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I put some preglued Louise Maglev short course wheels on my Raider. I also ordered the pinion/spur combination of the Arrma Fury which has the same wheel size but so far only the spur has arrived.

With the Raider pinion (22t) and Fury spur (87t) it is slightly overgeared. The improvement in off road handling is very significant, especially over bumps. It's still capable of bottoming out at the rear but it's far less likely to happen.

With these tires, I prefer the car without the rear wing. Still not as good looking as a Kyosho Ultima DB though....


I always liked the classic dune buggy look without the wing. I think putting some MT wheels/tires on the back would complete the look.
I think the wheels are pretty much oversized as It is. I would rather have slightly smaller fronts but I like the way It handels as It is now. Those Maglevs are awesome tires.
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