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So i installed a 12 led light system and got it wired up and working but when i took it outside the lights like to flicker when i turn like they are underpowered/glitching out.... any suggestions on how to fix this
Ok so i pitched the controller...took off the connectors of the leds and stripped them. added some 9v plugs from some guitar pedals since i use 9v wall adapters. Added 2 9v batteries.wired it black black red red. Bam, let there be light
Show us some pics :) I was interested in adding a couple lights to mine. But I'm looking for something with a little more projection than an led
This isnt finished, but its ready to test
That is great. How cool would it be if you could find a spinning strobe for the top like on a real school bus?!? Lol

Are you running a lipo in that? If so, you could power them off your balance tap if you wanted to.
How did you wire it in the first place?
Directly on your 2 or 3S lipo, or did you hook it to the BEC system?
Yeah...originally i had a basic circut board sold with most light kits

But because my servo was outta line and was very unsure of how to install plus didnt want any eyecandy to mess with the electrics

So i hacked off all the connectors threw the controll box in some box and added 2 9v connectors
The basic board

All lights hook into board which is hooked into ones reciever and servo(via y cable) so left and right blinkers are supposed to work and somehow the program understands brake vs. Go. Vs. Stop and work the head and tail lights

Tried it thought it was bunko

Fixed it
Lights before didnt go when commanded added to power loss and wernt bright..,had to change that

Took off the white part

Replaced it with this part
Added took all of my 3rd grade knowledge of electrics...

Made somthing like this

However.., i found that 12leds take too much power to run off one 9v so i went half and half and used 2 9v connectors and batteries... now i have hyper brights!
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