Kraton RC Madlabz Bash Plate


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I got one of these for my K4V2, I am still new to Rc cars so my concern was not breaking the chassis but I like the protection factor for the bottom and could not find metal skid plates for upgrades so I went with this. Nice kit with all the hardware, I only purchased the brace without all the shims and other parts in the full kit they offer. I got the high performance version which is a 3mm thick version, it did come with the motor mount support plate also which is just a piece of plastic with the padding on it to go under the motor, I did not put this in yet though. Only thing I did not like about it is the corner on the servo link access hole to remove the screw is covered by it and you can get a hex driver at an angle but you would need a ball hex driver and I don't care for those they always seem to spin in the screw head, so I drilled a 3/8" hole directly over where the screw head would be and be able to remove the screw through it. It also does not have the spur gear slot for dirt removal so I also put a slot in there as well. Anywho just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else got it and your thoughts about it. Forum seems a bit quiet lately on the K4V2. Take care everyone (y)
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Found this crazy video where this guy put one on an already broken chassis and used the brace to hold it togeather! Pretty impressive LOL.
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