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Jason Caryl

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Arrma RC's
  1. Granite
Hey there. New to the forum, just purchased my arrma granite 1/10 brushed monster truck and i love it! Already planning some upgrades.

My question is this. The rear wheel plane seems to point significantly inward. Is this normal? Thanks for your help
Yes, That's normal. The rear toe-in helps the vehicle track in a straight line better.
1. 5000mah+ Lipo battery paks + charger
2. Brushless motor/Esc
(Not sure which of these should be first since a motor upgrade would change desired battery voltage?)
3. Anodized alum parts

4. Ball bearing set
New to the form also mine is the same way.
I just ordered a 5200mah lipo battery and charger going to run on the stock motor until it craps out then going to upgrade motor/esc
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