Kraton Rear diff cover won't come off......


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Im trying to take the rear diff cover off of my kraton but it won't budge. It is really on there good. It won't move at all and feels like it's still screwed in. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? Maybe very light heat gun to warm?

....and yes, all four screws are taken out and the roll bar disengaged..... :)
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If the diff is still in there (which it probably is) you can pull on the outdrives at either side - this might loosen it a little. If you remove the entire diff housing from the chassis you will be able to have a bit more of a go at it also. If you get it off just the slightest bit, you can use a small blade screwdriver and work around the cover. They do slot in very tight so I doubt you're the first to have to work at getting one of these off - especially if it's never been off before.