Kraton Rear left dogbone keeps coming out on Keaton exb


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Hi guys, my rear left dogbone keeps coming out on my Keaton exb, I've had it apart a couple of times and can't see anything untoward, the rubber spacer in the diff drive cup is present and once together there's little to no lateral movement on the dogbone itself. I'm completely stumped as to what's allowing it to move out 🤦‍♂️ if anyone's had something similar I'd love to hear a solution.


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You need to adjust your droop screws to limit downward travel of the rear arms. If they go too far, the dogbone comes out of the cup and you also risk breaking shock rod ends too. You want to remove the shock from the tower and let it float. Then turn the droop screw to where you will need to push the shock just a tiny amount to get it back on the tower. You want you shocks still a tiny bit compressed at full suspension travel.

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