Kraton Rear mud guards?

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Alot of us use the DE racing mudguards for the rc8t. They clip on the arms with provided clips. But a few of us have ran a couple small screws into the holes already in the arms.
[DOUBLEPOST=1461975678][/DOUBLEPOST]Pics from @ARRMAgeddon 's and my Talion

20160417_170853.jpg IMAG0287.jpg
T-bone racing has the A-Skid/Mud Guards - A-Arm Skid Plates. I just got mine and have not installed yet. not only are they mud guards, but they also protect the bottom of the A-arm. Holding them in my hand they seem pretty much bullet proof. And there is no need to drill holes in the A-arm.

Yups i just installed mines on my kraton and they feel nice and sturdy. Add some grease or silicone oil to the screws when installing as the threads are quite snug.
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