Rear Wheels wont turn, motor does but not wheels.

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Port Republic, NJ
Arrma RC's
  1. Granite
I have done all kinds of trouble shooting and in the end the problem is in the gear box. I have taken the truck almost entirely part and cant figure how to get into the gear box. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just did a thread on removing the tranny, and too open the tranny up you will have either 6 or 7 screws on one side of the tranny and depending on what version of the tranny you have.

The BLX Tranny will have 7 screws holding the tranny case together.
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So I was looking and fiddling around with the truck and saw a tiny screw on the sprocket attached to the motor. I got a tiny screw driver and tightened it and wah lah runs like a champ. I feel so stupid.

I have buyed a granite bls, fantastic car.
Can anybody tell me the richt tightining off the slipper clutch. The shop where i buy the car told me to full tightining the clutch and dan turn 1/4 circle back.
Is this right?

Thanks for the reply.

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