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I bought a vortek 4x2 to play with with my grandson. Along with a bunch of parts so he can learn to work on something. We bought a brushless motor and ESC, and lipo batteries, and the 4x4 kit.

My question is it seems as if my current ESC has a built-in receiver (current meaning factory). The one I purchased is a hobby wing max 10 SCT 120 amp. Which does not appear to have a receiver built in, and has a wire for the receiver.

Is there any recommendations on a cheap receiver that will work the rest of my setup

Or will I have to buy a new transmitter and receiver combo?
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If you end up going the separate receiver and transmitter route, these are really good. Much better than your standard RTR set up. May need to get a new ESC as well. I’ve never tried to separate the two and one things, I just ditched it and got separate esc/rx set ups.

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Or will I have to buy a new transmitter and receiver combo?
You're going to need a new RX and TX, not just a new RX with hobbywing or pretty much any aftermarket ESC/Motor combo unless it's got one built in like you removed. The question is always, how much do you want to spend? There is "cheap" stuff out there and I'm sure we all can split hairs on what's quality and what's not. If it were mine, I'd go with a reputable name, FUTABA comes to mind.