Recommend me a good car stand


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Plus it looks ridiculously tall. Lol. I'd have to get clearance from the airport before putting a car on top of that.
I have that exact stand
For my Lim build the shaft threading scews all the way down. And grubs hold it secure if you want to lockout the swivel. Becomes nice and low for a Lim chassis.
When I wrench on my 6s Kraton. I raise it higher again.
This stand comes with ballast weights for the bottom base . Keeps the stand from tilting.
Also doubles as a shock building stand. Has a built in ruler with magnetic parts tray.
I recommend it. I tried many other stands over the years. This one stand can cover most sized rigs. Big and small. Up to 1/7.
It will NOT work for a 30 pound 1/5 rig.:LOL: