Redcat Blackout Brushless Upgrade

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I wanted a SC truck, 4x4 and brushed so I could upgrade to my own brushless specs.
The steps, to the best of my understanding, should apply to the entire brushed Blackout series.
The pic below shows the brand new Blackout with ESC and motor removed.
The next in the series will show the ESC and brushless motor combo I selected.
The question, "hey, why not just get the brushless version?"
The stock brushless Redcat Blackout has a 45 amp ESC and I wanted something more robust, plus wanted a low kv motor for the bottom-end torque to pull out of curves.

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Next steps were to install the motor and ESC, test run, then tidy up the loose wires.
Tip for plugging the black/white/red or brown/orange/yellow wires into the Rx, remember the black or brown wire align to the negative position.
It might help to take a pic of them before removing.
Also, the steering servo goes into position 1 and the ESC into position 2.
When powering up the car, who knows where the settings are, take caution and make sure the wheels are in the air or it might take off on you.
I learned that the hard way on my first ESC/motor upgrade, LOL.
If the motor runs backwards, either switch the direction on your Tx or swap any 2 wires between the motor and ESC.
That's about it!

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