Removing servo horn - Kraton

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How do you get this thing off? I have new servos on order, but I can't get the dang horn off the stock servo. Is there a cool aftermarket version that will work? I know they make aftermarket horns for other brands. do any of those work for the Kraton?
Heat the head of the screw with a soldering iron. Once it heats up the thread-lock should soften and let go. I would get the axial servo horn that has an extra screw like a clamp. Those things are bullet proof. By the way the stock servo horn is not bad as long as you stick with a 25T servo spline (Futaba/Savox/Pro-Tech ettc.)

If you put in a higher performance servo you will quickly realize the servo mount will simply flex more, you may not get the added performance of a good servo without addressing the flexing servo mount. There are several aftermarket versions a long with a home-remedy involving the use of longer screws and some lock-nuts. Be sure to adjust the servo saver first - then work from there.
Gracias. My soldering iron hasn't even made it out of the box. I got it for Christmas, so I have a decent excuse. I'll do that, to get it off, but I may grab one of those Axial horns, mostly because they look cool. I have the GKA Servo mount on order, with the spacers for the taller Savox Servo I ordered.
Got it off, thank you. I didn't know how hard I could turn that screw against the gears below it.
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