Replacement esc for granite blx

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Hello guys.
I just bought a used arrma granite blx. The blx80 esc is bad. Wondering if I can replace it with the newer blx85 esc? And if the blx85 is better than the blx80? Or is there a different esc that would be a simple install? Will these both sync with the original remote?
I use the Hobbywing 10BL60 without any problems, it's a 60 amp ESC. But if you thinking of upgrading the servo in the future you can also look at the MAX10 also from Hobbywing. It's a 120 amp ESC but with a much stronger BEC, with the BL60 you would probably need an external UBEC to feed the servo.
I have used the stock traxxas velineon vxl 3s and also the castle sidewinder on my sons granite goths worked with the original RX/TX
Am I correct in assuming this is the Sidewinder 3? Did you you use the stock BLX motor, and if so, how did you extend the motor feed? Did you replace the entire wire or make an extension, and if the later, did you go to 12 gauge wires? I have an extra BLX motor that's "consumed" two ESCs now and I am considering the S3 as a replacement.
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