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Aftermarket? I'm not sure if anyone has anything specific for it yet or even a list of compatible universal bodies.

They do sell clear Nero bodies that you can at least paint in your own way....
Yah I knew they made that but.. I'm not a big fan of the nero body to begin with.. guess I'll just tough it out for a while longer
I'm looking for new bodies too. I've seen a few videos on YouTube of Neros with old Ford bodies and such, which makes me think most 1/8 truck bodies will work, you'll just need to cut the mount holes.

As for painting your own, Hemistorm's Black Nero has inspired me to go and try this route.
Find it kind of generic in comparison to the exoskeleton design. I was running topless until I kicked up a cloud of dust on a baseball diamond and inadvertently met under a fence. The lower fence cut the power line from the esc RIGHT AT THE ESC. Git anew one.
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