Reverse and braking issue

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Hi there. I replaced my arrma transmitter and receiver with a spektrum combo and also installed a hitec servo. I am now having an issue that I'm not sure what the problem is. My reverse and brake occasionally do not work. I turn it on and they both work but then after a few seconds it stops. Even after waiting 10 seconds it still won't go in reverse.

I checked the esc setting and it is set for brake and reverse. I've tried rebinding the receiver. I'm quite perplexed what the problem is.

It makes a clicking noise when it doesn't reverse and then if I go forward and then try reverse it works.
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Turns out my new hi tec servo is causing the problem. When I have the servo plugged into the receiver the brake and reverse don't work intermittently. When I unplug the servo the brake and reverse work perfectly. Any ideas what could possibly cause this??
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Walter could be right about this.

I would try the original TX and RX to be sure, if you still have it.

And also a word of ⚠!
Your esc could be damaged beyond repair because of too much power asked from it's BEC system.

Which esc. from Arrma is it? Mega, BLS or BLX?
Walter could be right about this.

I would try the original TX and RX to be sure, if you still have it.

And also a word of ⚠!
Your esc could be damaged beyond repair because of too much power asked from it's BEC system.

Which esc. from Arrma is it? Mega, BLS or BLX?
It's the blx. I tried another receiver transmitter and same problem. I bought a traxxas 2075 and installed it. Problems seems to have disappeared. Hi tec suggested the same problem with the esc not putting out enough. So lesson learned! I would have liked a servo with metal gears but I am happy it is running for now. If anyone wants my hi tec servo I'll make a good deal as I'm sure tower hobbies won't take it back.
Is the ESC not putting out enough amps? According to the manual, the BLX outputs 7.4V/5A from the BEC, which seems pretty good for an ESC BEC. I'm used to seeing 6V/3A on the HW ESCs, and I just checked Castle Creations' website, and they don't even list the amperage for the MM2's BEC. I'm guessing that the voltage isn't the problem, but I can't say as I've ever seen specs for a servo list the amperage draw. So how would you be able to tell before you purchase a servo whether or not it will tax the BEC?
No, the BLX esc. only gives 6.0v/2.0A max output from its BEC system.

So this hi-Tec might ask more.
My Savöx servos work fine on this esc. And it is metal geared and waterproof!
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I'm curious where you got that spec. The only reference I found was in the big book of BLX, and it said 7.4V/5A max. 6.0V/2A certainly sounds more reasonable. Is it a typo perhaps?
Page 7 of the BLX Manual:


Exactly Walter! ;)

@Operator7G : maybe you are talking about the 4-6S Esc from Arrma?

A 1/10 scale 2-3S Esc with 3.0A is already a novelty. Many 1/10 scale trucks suffer of this problem due to the very powerful and extremely servos available nowadays. Especially speed in combination with high torque draws a lot of power from your BEC system.
Ah, that's what it is! There are two different BLX ESCs. My BLX manual for the Arrma Senton says "1/10th Scale Brushless" on the cover and has specs for the BLX180 (7.4V/5A). The manual you linked says "1/10th Scale 2WD Brushless" on the cover and has specs for the BLX80, which physically looks the same as the BLX180. I didn't realize there were two different BLX ESCs, so I just figured when he said "It's the BLX", he had the same ESC I have. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense that the 2WD vehicles wouldn't have the same ESC. Then again, it's odd that my manual says "1/10th Scale" when it includes the 1/8 Kraton/Talion/Typhon as well. At any rate, mystery solved. Sorry for my confusion.

Seems like servos should have their amp requirements in their specs.
I don't think I've ever seen amp draw in any servo specs. It's usually just dimensions, weight, speed, and torque.
Yeah the Senton is basically a part of Arrmas 1/8th line up. The design and many of the parts, including electronics, are shared between Senton and the rest of the 1/8 line up.

Where as the rest of the 1/10th scale line up are a completely different platform. They do share a similar design and share parts with each other. But completely different then the 1/8th line up.
Yeah, I just got confused because I only read "BLX", but in rereading the thread, the clue was when the question was asked if it was the MEGA, BLS, or BLX, which could only be the 1/10 platform. My bad.
It is confusing ;)

Indeed I also never have seen the maximum amperage of any car servo.

Problem with that is the power consumption rapidly increases when the load increases.

So in one car or driving on a particular terrain, the load can be totally different on the servo.
So that is why you will probably never see it.

Problem is I smoked a 6,0V/1,0A max ESC during the 3rd 2S 6Ah lipo...
Indeed the surface driving on was more rough then the day before.
I used the Savöx waterproof servo
okay iv got 3 armma vorteks im having the same problem iv try 2 esc 2 motors 3 transmitters 2 servos but only one battery i think its the battery
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