Typhon Reverse problem

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Arrma RC's
I just got a new armma typhon. Today i did a first run for about 5 minutes with no problems. Very slow on a hard road. After about 2 hours i want to ride again but the reverse was gone. Binding the tx with esc was no solution. Whats wrong? Any suggestions? Or is the Esc broke.
Sorry for my bad english.
Greetings Tom
Make sure your throttle trim knob on the tx is still in the center,if you move it only slightly you will loose reverse .
Thats sound miracle..
Do you disconnect the battery in-between?
Binding exist just between the TX and RX, not the ESC.
I have no Typhon and I don´t know if your ESC same as mine.
Maybe check the settings in the ESC. Some of them allow to set: 1= Forward and Brake 2= Forward, Brake, Reverse.
In case that you´re ESC will fried, I don't think the that just reverse will be gone. Normally the ESC dies complete.
My colleague had pushet the buttons for the endpoints while driving and he lost a lot of "forward power".
He has a Nero and the TTX300 TX...

Actual I do not have any more ideas...
And also sorry for my english, it´s also not my main language.


thanks for the reply. For now the problem is solved. Like Lonee says it is not a problem with the bindings. I did not removed the battery and i did not pushed a end button. I quit driving normal and the next driving the problem was there.
After long trying to do the trottle setup the car is for now ok. Everything is working fine. But why i had the problem.
I am still afraid when i go out for a ride the problem comes back.
Somebody an idee why???

Hm,... I had it in the past that I pushed the setup button while switching on the car.
After that my throttle setup was gone. But you say that you did not disconnect the battery and also not switch off the car.
So it´s sounds to me that the problem occurs suddenly without touching the car.. -> in that case it is not normal and the ESC "forgot" its settings. Normally these settings are stored in the ESC and you don't loose them by disconnecting the battery.
In very less cases and long not powered ESC´s it can happens that some settings gone wrong.

Regards and a good night,
Just for the feedback. The typhon is still up and running.
Probably i also pushed the setup button while switching on the car.

So Thanks for the help.
I'm Very happy with my purchase.



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