Reverse wiggle

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i get a front end wiggle when I reverse my fury at medium + speeds. I wonder if a better servo would do away with this? Not really a problem just a quirk I have noticed.
It's normal and part of the design of the vehicle. The positive caster angle is setup to provide stability in forward (where most of your driving occurs). Also, you probably have some toe-in on your front wheels, (again for stability in forward driving). In reverse driving, the caster angle is negative and you have toe out... which is not good for stability at high speeds. Have you had a shopping cart wheel that is crazy wobbly before? It's the same principle.

Check out this link:
Ahhhh. Thanks for the link! Guess I was looking for an excuse to upgrade the steering servo. :cool:
Ahhhh. Thanks for the link! Guess I was looking for an excuse to upgrade the steering servo. :cool:

I have a better excuse for you: the stock servo will eventually break it's gears! ;)
When you race reverse is prohibited in the first place.
And there is 0 degrees toe-in on the Fury/Mojave, and any SCT 2wd in general.
The motor quit on my fury today. Ran about 4 batteries on it. Minus break in. It wiggles no more :(
Were you running the batteries back to back? did you check the temps. Might have been killed by heat. I ran my granite with a basic 15t for 2 5000mah 2s lipos on a park trail in a stream and rock bed and back up and i killed it on the way back up from the heat. I thought i was being carefull but back to back batteries will kill these guys in stock form. Its just too hot
The stock 15 turns Arrma motor's brushes cannot handle lipo power.
Mine turned into black power once halfway on a 6000mAh 2S lipo.

Really replace with something else instead of buying a new one.
Preferably brushless.
wish we all could be this lucky.
Actually I was running the2000mAh nimh that come with it at the time. The motor does not look or smell cooked. I have run a lipo twice with it and checked the heat with my meter. The light on the esc lit like it should so I plugged the motor in my friends esc and nothing. Not many companys have non rock climber brushed motors. Kinda looking at the atomic 15*2 fireball or associated's radon 17t. Anyone have a idea of a good lipo tough replacement? Don't really want to replace the esc yet and go brushless. In the future I will for sure. Btw it was the first battery of the day. Had to run the nitro rig to finish up the day. Love my bullet mt but dang nitro is such a quirky turd!
Lipo ready and almost lipo ready are different statements altogether. Gonna try to get arrma to replace it. But for now I am looking for something better,cheap.
Arrma customer service rocks!

That really blows man. Sounds like a bunk motor...

Personally i got about 1 month with the 15t arrma motor before it met mr. Trash. And i was running 2s for about 20-40min depending on heat.

I would just try another and see where it gets you.

If cheap replacments is what you want i found the hobbypower/wing brushless stuff to be affordable and way better then stock. And for 40 bucks! What could go wrong
They had 2. Stock ecx 15t,and Titan 12t 550. The 550 fits( barely) .shaft is just a bit long to put cover back on,well not anymore;)
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If it was any bigger at all it wouldn't work. Runs nice! On big gravel it is useless to try to control, even taking it easy. Temperature was well below the book specs. Thinking about relaxing the springs a bit . Nice handling rig for sure.the motor slid right in,just remove the driver side guard .
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