rock getting caught in chassis ?


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hi there guys my first real rc for a long time was the slash 4x4 ultimate i love this truck.

I was already aware of his flaws when i bought so i went ahead i got a dusty motors cover/shroud. the first week i got it i was struggling to resist driving it offroad so i kept going to this abandoned warehouse to satisfy my driving needs.

until i couldnt resist and brought it the the parking lot just next door full of little peebles while i was still waiting for my shroud to arrive.

It didn't took long before filling up the tray because i was driffting it/making roosters accross the lot rolf anyway and you know that Murphys law that if something is impossible to happen well it will happen. My slipper adjustment nut got wedge in with a rock and got loosen all the way. End of the first real bash session a bit bitter. got my dusty cover been awesome since then (and the disappointing plastic drive shaft got also changed the mip (decption and disregard to traxxas who can back up there poor designe and thump UP to ARRMA with their design that can actually withstand the power of their motor)

Anyway ive look a lot to the big rock at my lhs and i love it i like the design very much. appart from the report regarding the tie rod ball end the seems to be problematic (maybe some associated would fix it)

But im worried about it needing a shroud (sound a bit hard to make since his design) and maybe getting rock wedge on the center drive shaft u joint.

So here i am asking if you guys ever had problem in that regard ? hope you like reading me :p

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I will occasionally get a tiny pebble between the motor case and the TVP. It doesn't affect anything and I just push it out with a tiny screwdriver when I'm cleaning the truck. The reason that a cover won't work on a Nero style truck is that its not a pan chassis. The structural components are the twin vertical plates. The bottom is basically just a skid plate and it actually has vents for the motor so you can't really keep rocks out.

Basically: Drive it like you stole it and clean it when you're done. It's built for fun.