Rounding wheel hubs

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joe kidd

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I rounded off wheel hub in five minutes and this time it rounded off wheel they were a new pair of proline trenches, :-( what can I do to fix this problem
I forget which vehicle/motor you have... Are you using the composite or metal wheel hexes? If you are using composite you might try upgrading to the metal ones.

Also, check your wheel nuts to be sure they are tight.
Thanks guys that helped me out wasn't sure what size they were I found some traxxas blue Alimnum at rc explosion would have posted link but my phone giving me crap or maybe I'm just not smart enough to figure it out :) its for telluride that has 3800kv
My BLX eat out the wheel hub of the default Arrma rims. I have those aluminum hexes as a default.

It was with 3S on tarmac. Insane power!

But indeed as Woody says make sure your wheel nuts are tight enough!
The difference between plastic and metal wheel hexes is they last longer concerning the steel pin. This pin is the method to give your drive train power to the wheels.

The wheels are also made of plastic, so with hard metal hexes the chances of eating them out is even a bit bigger!
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