Rowdyray's Kraton 6S Build

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Got the cap pack soldered up. No heat shrink that big. Electrical tape will have to do. Taped it to one of the battery leads to keep it from flopping around. You'll see it later. Should be fine. Also added a 3DRC motor support. See how that holds up.

View attachment 360597

Also replaced the original motor mount with one from the new EBS. Had a hunch this would work. The second leg is aluminum instead of plastic.

View attachment 360602

Also allowed me to add the two piece chassis brace. Yes, it fits the V5.

View attachment 360603

Got the new S665 servo unstalled. On to the electronics.
that sip tie doesn't look right does it fasten from under the chassis that motor brace
don't worry about it then

I reread your question. The zip tie doesn't go through the chassis. It goes through the printed mount. And was already there when it arrived. There were no instructions. So I figured it was meant to keep it in place in case the motor did move, it wouldn't fall out. I don't know. If I did it incorrectly let me know.
Had a busy weekend. Squeezed a little work time in last night. Decided to add this wheelie bar and got a proper wing on it.


Didn't have a roll cage. Dug through the parts box and found everything needed.


The Spektrum radio/recevier that came with it had the range of about 100 feet. My suspicions were correct. The antenna wire was severed at the box. (I've actually fixed it. It's now in the Grom.) But, it gave me an excuse to try out the Dumbo radio I bought some time ago.


Got the antenna wire in place and the receiver taped down. The little foam seal is missing and the cover had 2 of the screws pulled right through. The seal was mangled. Parts box to the rescue. Found a nice cover but no seal. Stopped at the LHS today and they had a seal kit. Couple of those foam seals and a lid seal. Perfect.


Really needed to get to bed. But, I'm getting closer. Should be able to hook power to this. Center the steering servo and calibrate. Then I can put the front mud guards back on. Waiting on the back ones. Still looking into motor fan and mount. It wasn't running hot when I tested it, but rather be safe than sorry.

Sorry if this is boring to some of you or taking longer than it should. It's a lot of money for me. And, I'd like it to last more than 5 minutes. Just trying to fix known problems and do it right.
If you haven't seen the other thread, figured I'd include it here. For those that think the tires are too big. I had to do it when I saw this in the thrift store. Lol.


I need to get back to this. Slammed at work right now and just pooped after 10 hours. Not getting any younger. Lol. Have a bunch more new parts. It's been raining almost every day and can't run it anyway. Or, at least I won't. Oh, and I just picked up some Copperheads for the haters. Stay tuned. It'll be up and running soon.
Got the electronics all calibrated and buttoned up. But it sounds like one of the bearings on the center diff isn't happy. Always something.

A few more things were added. Mud guards and Rocket fan. Just need to reinforce the new body. Plan to use the old one until I get used to it.

Edit: Yes, I need a couple long screws for the fan.



how are your diffs with those tyres 😮

Don't know yet. Bought it used from another member this way. Only ran it up and down the street when I first got it to make sure it worked. It's been apart ever since, slowly rebuilding it the way I wanted. Still a few more things to do. But, I have batteries on the charger and hopefully going to give it a rip tonight. If they tear my diffs up, I bought some copperheads from another member. Until then send it.

I think there's an issue with the new Rocket fan too. It's quieter than my ESC fan. Won't even suck a paper towel to the screen. And yes, it's the right way. That doesn't seem right does it? May have to use a stock Arrma one for now.

BTW, if any of you want to find the dud in a batch of products, let me touch it or buy it. I can walk up to a pallet of toasters, or whatever, and I'll go home with the only one that doesn't work. It's getting to the point of ridiculousness. Seriously.
Tore it all apart. Motor sounds fine. It's definitely a bearing on the center diff. Picked up new bearings. Insane that I have to disassemble the entire diff to replace bearings. Stupid.
Tore it all apart. Motor sounds fine. It's definitely a bearing on the center diff. Picked up new bearings. Insane that I have to disassemble the entire diff to replace bearings. Stupid.
bugger in it ;)