Typhon RPM Wing Mount for Kraton, Talion and Typhon

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There has been rumors that RPM was going to release parts for our Arrma RC cars and this news is about to make many Arrma Talion, Kraton, and Typhon owners very happy. You know that stock wing mount that's known to break pretty easily? Well RPM has a fix for that with their new Wing Mount kit.

These things are tough, solving the most common breakage issues by removing the front-mounted cross brace from the design since most breakage happens at that mounting point. The rear two cross braces are still in place, yet the mounts themselves have also been beefed up as well using RPM's popular nylon blend and comes with a lifetime warranty!

Part #: 81642
MSRP: $16.95

More info on RPM's website.
@WoodiE do you know if they're planning to parts for the granite yet? At the very least this offers more hope.
@WoodiE do you know if they're planning to parts for the granite yet? At the very least this offers more hope.
I don't know of any specific parts coming, but I would highly recommend any user that wants to see RPM make a certain part would be to contact RPM RC and make it known to them. The more feedback the receive the much more likely they will make the parts.
too bad they are out of stock!
They said on their FB page that they are not stocking them online at first. Have to go to your nearest hobby shop and ask them to order them for you

I just got off the phone with my local hobbyshop and they said they would have them in stock within 2 weeks.
RPM.....bring it on....Thank you for your great products...
I broke my wing on my Kraton a while ago and cant remember where i put it so i purchased a new wing.



My problem is it doesn't come with the piece to connect the RPM arms to the actual wing. If i had the old wing i could just pull it off of there but i don't and i cant find this piece for sale anywhere on line. does anyone have a clue of a part number or name. Here is an image of what it looks like


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