Safety First, caring for LiPo batteries?

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Lipo fires are no joke

So what are your safety precausions for using a lipo
I know most are using ammo cans and lipo bags
What else is there to do
Just to be on the safe side from this lipo batteries
  • Don't overcharge them
  • Don't over discharge them
  • Don't charge them unattended
  • Always use balance charge
  • Always store them at storage charge
  • Use a LVM and don't trust the ESC low voltage cutoff.
  • Store them in a metal toolbox, ammo can, fireproof safe or similar
  • Treat them right and they will treat you right
Cool cant find any military surplus here
Now just need lipo bag and the lvm

Anyone got links for those
Wanna get those before getting a lipo
@Walter said it above, but to emphisize, ALWAYS BALANCE CHARGE. This is critical. Once a lazy cell develops (which can happen even on a brand new pack) it can trick 'dumb' chargers into over charging healthy cells when trying to reach the 4.2v per cell cut off. A smart charger will automatically detect cell count which is also very important to get right.

You should have a plan in case of fire. Sand puts them out much quicker and easier than a fire extinguisher so keep a bag or bucket of it by where you normally charge and store. Make sure there is a smoke detector close.

IMO, the best fire proof charging/storage setup is cinder blocks with with bricks below and sand bags on top. Fires are isolated and self extinguishing. Not to mention it is cheap to set up.


Damn why didnt i think of that lol
Ok now i got that covered
Thats really safe right there man thats an awesome i dea

Associated Reedy LiPo 4S 14.8V 6500mAh 65C
164 dollars lipo?

Is this a good lipo battery or theres something better cheaper than this
I just bought an ammo box...but it is air and dust and waterfree...
Ill put my lipos in a lipobag and that bag in the ammobox...
I could be wrong but should i drill a few tiny holes in sides of the ammobox for airflow so the pressure cant stack up?

I keep them in a room next to the livingroom and the cfo doesn't allow me to drop cinderblocks with sandbags in that room lol...she does the laundry in that room too
Ok tnx...but what happens if the pressure gets high and you open the box? will loose all ur hair i think lol
If something goes wrong with the lipo inside that ammo box
That ammo box will give way since theres no place for the preasure to go
That ammo can will be like a shrapnel
I always balance charge my Li-Po batteries and store them in a safety fireproof bag which you can buy it from Hobby King.
I drilled 8 holes of 5mm each on top off the ammo that enough? Or should i make the holes bigger?
I drilled 8 holes of 5mm each on top off the ammo that enough? Or should i make the holes bigger?
I never thought Lipo batteries that dangerous. I have them many years, haven't had any issue. Well, better be safe than sorry!
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