Screw holes missing for ESC

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Hello all,

To my dismay I discovered that my ESC is stuck with double sided tape and not with screws...It came loose and went al over the place...I put it back with some gaffa double sided tape...But it doesn't cope well with the heat that comes from the ESC...

Anybody got suggestions in how I can fix this so my ESC doesn't go its own way?... o_O

Thx for your time and answers in advance...


a.k.a. Aflan

Some picture to illustrate the problem...
Yes, yes, It just went bashing, it isn't cleaned up yet...Go bug your mom and clean your own car... :p
2015-07-14 21.43.00.jpg
2015-07-14 21.43.14.jpg
Velcro, it's what i use in most situations. you can get some really strong stuff with a sticky backing that won't melt off.

2nd option is 3M double sided tape they have some really strong holding power as well.

3rd option build a frame to mount to your esc to then screw into your chassis
Thx for the answers... ;) ...But I have some follow-up questions;

Doesn't the velcro get dirty loose its "sticking" ability?
What kind of frame do you have in mind?

I think I will go for the velcro option...You could say it will cool down the ESC even more...Kind of...Because velcro is "open"...Just wondering about the dirt...See question... :D

Thx again...

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there are some good velcro's out there that won't gum up really fast or easy.

As far as the frame goes that's something you'd have to figure out on your own but you could probably make one out of some copper or aluminum tubing make it roll cage style so it holds the whole esc in place (and you can bend it to custom fit your esc. then just figure out how you want to make the holes for the screws
how about zip ties through the aluminum side frame and up over the ESC to hold it down? It's not sticky, not heat or dust sensitive, easily removable, cheap...
@Walter, mmm...Could work...Although it looks pretty cramped to get some ty-raps/zip ties through...I'll look into that solution to...together with the velcro/klittenband and other types of double sided tape options...And report my findings over the weekend...

Already worked on a "vice-like-roll-cage" design which would hold the ESC, but still doesn't damage the frame...Just need to find a metalworker who can make it...
Okay, the double sided tape option just went out the window...It went loose during a bashing session...And ripped the receiver cable straight of the ESC...I am not a happy camper at the moment...I really thought I bought the right kind of tape...
Think I will try the zip-tie/ty-wraps option next...When I fix/buy/conjure a working ESC...:mad:
Fastrax double sided tape is cheap, easy to get in the Netherlands.

But clean both surfaces thoroughly before applying the tape with a cleaner which does not affect plastics (in Dutch: Spiritus bijvoorbeeld)

Then let it cure for at least 24 hours.

My sons esc. was fixed this way, has been submerged in the most awful mud. When it broke (warranty) I could hardly get it off...
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