SCX10 -II project build

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Im in to all kinds of rc
I think i have more fun doing upgrades than to play with them :D
(Sir woddie please kinly moved this thread anywhere you see fit thank you sir)

I always get excited like a little kid when ever a new toy is coming in
I wait for the ups,usps,fed ex,dhl guys when i know my toy will be delivered that day lmao

Then plan is very simple
Ony the best i can find will go on this project
Example are those vanquish axles :D

Slow build again
Now my arrma is sitting collecting dust for now untll i get
Tired of this then ill work on the arrmas again
That is if i don't see any other rc lol


When ever im working on something i like to write down my own what was the word lol REVIEW
and this rims is glued in
Not good throw away plastic rims lmao
Keep the updates coming!
I once owned a AX-10 with a lot of upgrades. I love Axial!
Will do bud ill update everytime i do something with this build :)
I like axials too i just like the articulation on them

Are you going 2 speed?
Hmmm idont think so its not on my plan
I don't like 2 speed im more in to brute force :D


Thinking of this electronics to go with
Thats really is him hahah andrew pino
Was talking to him on fb :D

What the heck @Icemanddr, you've been a member here since February and haven't introduced yourself let alone haven't even posted one picture of any of your paint jobs (art work). Dude post that stuff up!
woodie -

Maybe you need a sub-forum for all the home-brew business for Arrma. All the aluminum braces, motor mounts, shock towers, paint jobs, all done by different guys. give them a place to party!
Wahhaha i know im surprised he didnt post any of those awesome paint jobs of his in here
Must be to busy painting all those bodies his been recieving lots of orders
He cant keep up with the demands i think hahahah
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