Sealed bearing kits?

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Anyone have recommendations on sealed bearings?

While pulling my diffs apart earlier this week I noticed the bearings are all 'shielded' but not the 'sealed' type. In the past I've been unhappy with some cheaper sealed bearings actually having more friction in them from the seals and/or being looser or having worse tolerances than new.

I was looking at this complete kit from FastEddy bearings but I don't know much about them -

I appreciate any thoughts/recommendations!
Thanks for the recommendation!

I was looking at going with AVID Ceramic's but even if I just replace the 6 differential bearings and 8 wheel bearings it would cost close to $90 LOL - and those weren't sealed, so I would still have to service them periodically.

I've got a FastEddy kit incoming I don't think I'll replace 'all' of them, but for ~$25 it's a good deal for quality bearings
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