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Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a Raider XL, no matter which version, the main thing ist 1:8. Do any of you have one for sale ?
A Hard find. But I am sure there is one out there with your name on it. Takes patience and some $coin$
Is it for your collection? A shelf queen?
I doubt you'll want to bash with it. Parts support is a Zero.
Good luck.
You are right. I would also like to go with it, but only on Sundays to the ice cream parlor.
It's for my collection.
You are right. I would also like to go with it, but only on Sundays to the ice cream parlor.
It's for my collection.
This may be a long shot, given your location, but, the Arrma 2WD stuff (Fury, Raider, Raider XL, Granite, and, way less common, the Mojave and ADX-10), do come up on eBay in the U.S. from time to time. A possible idea, since they are more common, and a bit easier to find, is to find a Fury and convert it to a Raider XL. All of the parts needed for that build can be had from various sources. Some of the parts are even available from A-Main. All you would need are is a complete Fury, and then the roll cage and roof parts for the Raider XL. I actually just finished restoring one, using a mix of Fury and Raider XL parts, and, will be posting it here very soon.
Here is the list of part numbers you would need to convert a Fury to a Raider XL:
ARAC8812 ARRMA Roll Cage Set Raider XL:
AR402002 ARRMA Rear Wing:

Here are a couple of Fury's that are available:|tkp:BFBM9PWQzO5h (i have been looking at picking up this one, but, i already have 3, and a Raider XL BLX)|tkp:Bk9SR_b1kMzuYQ

Some optional parts that are definitely worth it, if you are gonna run it brushless, or plan on being a bit hard on it:

ARAC3501 ARRMA TVP Plate LWB 2014 Natural 2:|tkp:Bk9SR_aygMzuYQ

AR320204 Arrma Lower aluminum plate:

RPM 81452 Rear A-arms Arrma Granite Vorteks Raider XL Fury Mojave:

RPM R/C Products 81392 Front Upper/Lower A-Arms Granite/Vorteks/Raider:

STRC Precision Aluminum Rear Hex Adapters GM 2 Arrma Granite /Raider XL /Vorteks:

ARAC9700 ARRMA Large Cap Head Motor Screw 3x6mm 2 ARAC9700:

AR220004 ARRMA Heavy-Duty Hinge Pin Set : Raider / Fury and Vorteks BLX (these i recommend for any original Arrma 2WD):

Traxxas 2336A Blue Aluminum 61mm Turnbuckle Toe Links (these i recommend simply because the rear links are prone to popping off, and then you lose the dogbones):
Wow - thanks a lot.

I just found a Fury not far away :)
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Wow - thanks a lot.

I just found a Fury not far away :)
You are very welcome. Here is the Raider XL restoration i just posted:
And, here is one of my Fury's:
This way, you can not only have some visual comparisons for the two, but can also see the differences.
If you do get the Fury you found locally, post some pics, that way i can tell you which version it is, since there are two versions of the Fury chassis, both of which can be converted into a Raider, but, the first version needs a little bit of extra work, just not anymore parts than what i already listed.
As soon an the Fury ist witz me, I will post some pics, but it will be next week, our mail ist slow at the moment. It's one with a brushed motor (sto now) :)
Here are the pics from the ad. As soon as the Fury is with me, there are others.





Not a bad score, but, and this is just so you have the heads up, that is the original V1 chassis, and is no longer available, so, if by some chance something happens to that chassis, you will have to swap to the V2 LWB chassis: ARA320202: and front plates: AR320204, as none of the parts from the chassis you are getting work with the newer chassis, and the newer chassis is the only one still available. Another issue with it is the transmission. That one should have a metal diff, that is no longer available, so, if anything happens to the diff, your options are to either source an HPI Blitz ball diff and shims, or a Losi 22S diff can also be used, if shimmed right. If you wish to keep it all Arrma, that would mean putting the entire composite diff from the 2014 and up BLX cars in it. Luckily, all the parts for the composite diff are still available. The best thing to do though is to get the manual for it: (this one covers the Fury, Raider XL, 2WD Granite, Vorteks and Mojave), so, for Raider specific parts, make sure it says Raider XL at the top of the page. The part i circled in the pic is the part that is no longer available:


and, if you look at the newer chassis:


You can see the difference between the V1 and V2 chassis.

I haven't done a swap from the V1 to V2 chassis in quite awhile, so, i cant remember if you need the steering set or not, but, if you do, the part number is: AR340079 Steering Parts Set Fury Granite Raider Mojave ADX-10 Granite: Everything else will swap over from one chassis to the other.
Thanks a lot, your tips are worth their weight in gold (y)
I'll wait until the car comes and take a close look at everything. Then I put it on the shelf and wait until the new month starts to order everything I need. At the moment I am working on another conversion project of which I will hopefully be able to send pictures soon.
I have a raider blx that I amabout to put on the market, has been out maybe 20 times.

Anyone able to give what would be a fair price?

My sons also have lower speed raiders that they may be willing to part with.
Honestly, its hard to give prices for them, since they are all over the map. It entirely depends on the seller. I have seen sliders go for $125 or less, and, i have bought complete, pretty much RTR Raider XL's and Fury's for that price. Best thing to do is set a price, and see what is offered, if anything. Being that they are discontinued, not a lot of people are interested in them anymore. It also depends on what version it is as well, as the V1 cars typically go for less, due to the rear diff issues they tend to have, and, parts for the V1 not being as available as they are for the V2 cars. For an example, i paid $50 for this car, complete, with an original BLX 85 ESC, and BLX 3600KV motor, and all it needed was a good cleaning, and some front end parts before it was useable:, and, i paid $125 for this Fury RTR: but, this slider is $130 on eBay:|tkp:Bk9SR7qslejzYQ
Hello everyone,
I want to give you an update of building my Raider XL. I'm still missing the body and the front bumper, but it's on the way. On the last pic there are parts I don't have any idea where I have to put them... And yes, the wheels are not stock :LOL:










Now there are the stock side bumpers assembled.

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Hello everyone,
I want to give you an update of building my Raider XL. I'm still missing the body and the front bumper, but it's on the way. On the last pic there are parts I don't have any idea where I have to put them... And yes, the wheels are not stock :LOL:

View attachment 307623

View attachment 307624
Now there are the stock side bumpers assembled.
These are the rear light buckets

They go on the cross bar just under the rear wing



They get screwed to the upper cross bar just under the back of the wing.
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A word of advice, put a used silicon shock seal in each of the drive cups to help keep the dog bones centered, otherwise they are going to go fly with those tires. Also don't be surprised when the wing breaks off, because it will, it always does. My salutation was to make a longer aluminum roof skid plate which you could mount the wing to if you wanted, which I didn't do. Here is a link showing my mod Rear roll cage parts upgrade check out the second post.

Also keep an eye on the steering bell-crank, it will develop a LOT of play over a short amount of time.
I still have a question: Does anyone know where is the front ram is available ?

Thank you for your answer. It helps a lot. (y)
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