For Sale Selling my kraton 6s v4 and my noto v4

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For Sale Selling my kraton 6s v4 and my noto v4


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Selling both my rigs and all the spares I have including but not limited to 3 bodies for each (used), spare arms, wheels, gears, diff parts, braces, wing mounts, bearing etc. I have tons and tons of parts, enough to get you started and running for a long time. M2c chassis and towers on the noto custom dyed purple, aluminum bulkheads on both rigs, jbi towers and chassis on kraton dyed purple, all metal braces on both rigs, 3drc wing mount on kraton, hot racing bell crank on both rigs, stock motor esc on noto, max 6 combo on kraton, both have ceramic bearings on wheels and motors, all metal hubs on both, aluminum tie rods on both, exb bumper up front on both with glue mod,tbr bumpers on rear for both. looking for 3k CAD for both or 1500 each seperate. Kraton will come with big ass cnhl 6000mah 90c and the noto a hrb 5000 50c if you want. If I seperate I'll split my spares as even as possible. I will post pictures as soon as my phone cooperates with me. My build thread and other threads of mine have photos for reference until I can post some.


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1000 cad each. My phone takes stupid large size photos and there is a size limit on uploads on this site. I'm still trying to find a work around to post pics. Been busy at work sorry guys.
Take a screen shot of the photo on your phone. It will be much lower resolution


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700 cad each. Can't get pics off my phone to post. I can send via email or another way if intrested. At 700 i'm taking a huge loss. Just want them gone and need the money.
What province are you in? I can help you out.