Talion Sensored brushless combo

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Rob Austin

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Middle River, MD
Arrma RC's
  1. Granite
  2. Talion

Can anyone recommend a decent sensored brushless set up for the Talion? This is one of many mods I plan on doing. Currently running Proline Big Joes other than wheels its all stock.

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R/C Rob
Do you really need a sensored setup? I would think that a sensored setup would only really be valuable for low speed stuff like crawling, but I've been wrong before.
running a xerun 150a and a teki. T8 2650. Its a ton of fun on 6s.
23 is the pinion size. Tryin to go fast

Im running a 23 pinion. Trying to go fast

And now it has a 46 spur gear.
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Im having no over heating but i do have a castle 1/8 fan. Running stock steering. Diffs. Ive only had one center diff explode on me. I had to adjust the brakes in the esc and that fixed that. Stock receiver and controller.

One bent front cvd and a broken rear shock. I thing when i hit the curb at speed
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