Senton Senton 185BLX top speed

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  1. Senton 6s
My buddy got his new Senton in a couple days ago, and we just got a chance to put the gps on it :D

Stock Senton- 14t pinion, blx185 system.... 53.7 mph

My Senton- Leopard 4282, Max8 esc, 16t pinion.... 59.5 mph

I'm pretty impressed, both tests were on the same stock tires. I still can't get over how sharp the new body looks. Wow.
Forgot to mention, also ripped off a rear shock end, straightened it right out.

I still think I could comfortably go up another tooth or two on the pinion even offroad.
I found the new Senton body on eBay for cheap. Cant wait til its here because its pretty damn sexy lookin. Got everything I need for a speed run as well, I'll post what I get as soon as I run it. 20 tooth pinion, two 3s 60c lipos, It should be reaching 60, I ran it the day I got the lipos in the mail and its crazyy fast and I love it!! I know I wont be messing with my Slash 4x4 anymore.. Its just wayyy too light and flip prone, even on 4s.
20 tooth pinion, two 3s 60c 5600 mah Lipos, It parachuted on me since I was driving into the wind, so I took the body off and ran it, fastest RC I have. Thats in MPH btw.
As soon as it flipped I got that sick feeling in my stomach, but I knew it was inevitable. I got the new black and green body on the way already, ordered it a couple days ago.
That is fast.
I've only ran my Senton on 4s so far with a 16T pinion and it's scary at times...
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