SOLD / FOUND Senton 6S Black n’ Silver special edition!? 🤩

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  1. Nero
Senton 6s … has all the v4/v5 stuff on it..

Fresh diffs, has 10k front and back with 100th in the center.

The center diff has a Robinson racing spur gear (50t) matched with a tekno 15T pinion.

2 sets of power hobby tires (belted)

Spektrum 6s esc and 2050kv motor
JX Servo
Slt3 / sr315

Basherqueen towers, Ackerman, steering plates, top plate, steering rack upgrade with trb bearings.

M2C ZRS shock system

Black motor mount, heat wrapped T2T, polished shocks hexes and wheel nuts.

2 bodies

All new, never been run.

$800 shipped

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Another Hard to find Gem.
How do you do it?
Pull these beauties out of a hat???:giggle:
Just joking.
Your stuff is always top notch.
This one was piece by piece… sourcing all over the place. HH, eBay, members here for a couple key pieces before they were readily available in stock…

Thanks for stopping by brother, always a welcomed visit. 👊🏻😎
Yeah I see that all the parts were painstakingly sourced, no doubt. I know the Clear rear spoiler alone was costly and hard to find. And purchased as separate part. Doesn't come with the 6s Senton body. I considered doing the same many years back when they discontinued the 6s Senton.
The 1/7 Mojave was supposedly it's replacement? Just not a fair comparison though.
6s Senton always has a big following.
Damn. Wish I lived closer. I've been keeping an eye out for one. Been sort of looking for parts. Those Senton 6s bodies are expensive here in Aus.
Wishful thinking cause this is gonna sell fast but if it doesn't I'll take it as a roller (no electronics, no motor, no servo) with the tires and bodies. How much would you want for that? PM me if that interests you...
Open to it, I’d take $120 off the price for roller option.
Hey Matt, do you just want my card #???😅😅🤣🤣😂😂... Mike
You know what to do. 😎

Roller price option above 🤘🏻
That thing looks awesome. Is that the same size as a 3s senton blx? Never seen a 6s senton. People are saying they used to be thing but I just started getting into the hobby not too long ago. Really cool looking truck.
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