SOLD / FOUND Senton BLX180 complete package

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HI Guys,

I purchased this Senton brand new from Hobbytown in the spring and have had a blast with it! 10-12 bash sessions on her, and then I found a local 1/8 indoor track and that's all it's seen the last 2 months. I'm getting a little more serious about racing and wish to get a proper 1/10 SCT so I can run it in my local the class, 2S max. The truck is in good shape, replaced some bearings with Fast Eddie's, 10K fluid in center diff, 50wt oil in front shocks, 40 wt in rear. New factory ESC fan installed. Everything else is bone stock and in working condition. The body has some scratches, and cracks around the rear pins holes.

Please see pictures and full description in the link.

$290 shipped, no lipos, no charger, stock wheels and tires (<----- in bad shape, need replaced).
$400 shipped with 2 TRX 5000mah 3s lipos and charger, all wheels and tires.
$460 shipped with all that plus a Pulse 5000mah 35C 6S, great condition, 8-10 cycles through it.
Would trade for proper 1/10 SCT roller, ARTR, whatever.

PM or text 2145578000
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