SENTON Castle Sidewinder 8th and Savox SA1231G Install

J Zteed

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  1. Senton 6s

Landed the Caste Sidewinder 8th combo w/ 16T Pinion and a Savox SA 1231G in my Senton.

Let me be clear. Arrma has built a beast, but there are a few weak points that when replaced make the Arrma Senton a monster.

After both my esc and servo failed I decided I could not wait for the RMA and went for it. The install was fairly easy and only required a few mods to fit.

  • Sidewinder ESC did not fit to factory holes in the mount. I drilled / tapped new holes in the mount to move her back a smidge.
  • Castle motor included bolts that did not fit the Arrma motor mount. Quick trip to hardware store to pick some SS bolts and washers did the trick. Better than provided IMO
  • Savox servo was almost too tall. Linkage arm is at a bit of an angle. Will correct angle issue with a longer bolt and a spacer. This thing is strong and I have not experienced any glitching.
I could not be happier my Senton thing flies literally. 52 with the body on before it lifts off the ground and 58 with the body off. Running 2 Onyx 5000 30c 3s batteries.

Next will be bearings and a SS bolt kit. How are the Fast Eddies holding up for you guys?